Porting Metal Slug STE to Sega MegaDrive

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Porting Metal Slug STE to Sega MegaDrive

Message par masteries » 20 nov. 2021 12:42

MegaDrive at its maximum possibilities:


On screen there is an humonguos amount of animated srpites: A giant Slug, 2 huge tanks, 4 planes, 14 small explosions, 12 player shoots and Sonic

These sprites have the definitive 16 colour palette for sprites

Also, the same music as the STE version is being played, digital samples sounds at 16 KHz; as well all the sound and graphics data that requires 3.6 MB of RAM for the Atari STE, in MegaDrive is taken around 1 MB, without compression.

Obviously, due to MegaDrive video hardware works in chunky mode, the needed pre-shifting of the STE is not needed in this console, reducing the amount of required memory.

In the shown screen, there are 62 hardware sprites out of 79. Without performance penalties, what a brutality!
Game is running in PAL 50 Hz mode.


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