3 button gamepad support for Atari STE

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3 button gamepad support for Atari STE

Message par masteries » 06 nov. 2021 15:00

This post contains the download link for the Metal Slug (Mission 1) port with 3 button gamepad support:



https://www.gp32spain.com/foros/attachm ... 1635409598

How to play it:

1- You need a hard disk unit, don´t worry; I manufature and sell good performance and cheap units.
2- Copy the content of the .rar file into your hard disk partition root folder
3- Your hard disk partition need to be self bootable, you will need as much RAM as possible (game requires 4 MB); you will need to use low memory requirement driver, such Peter Putnik one
4- Disconnect the mouse, and connect the customized 3 button gamepad instead
5- Connect your hard disk unit into the ACSI port of your STE or MegaSTE computer, dont forget to insert the previously cited SD card or other medium
6- Turn on your hard disk unit
7- Turn on your STE or MegaSTE computer, enjoy the experience with a 3 button gamepad!


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