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The french computer museum Silicium is going to make you discover many computers of the past.

What's New ?

This section will inform you about all news from Silicium.

Join us !

Like every year, Silicium has some new projects for year 2002. We have decided to gather energies  for the community of old computers & videogames fans. If you like the idea of saving micro-computing knowledge and creating a museum, join us !

Check all details about membership

Need pictures, expert consulting ? Ask Silicium Services

For many years we've been proposing pictures, expert actions, building exhibitions. Don't hesitate asking us.


The Silicium Guide of Ancient videogames is on sale !

With many expectations, the new reference of videogame machines is now published. This Guide will be very usefull to the lover of videogame. This unique book is written in french but has 400 pictures and many data.
Silicium can ship worldwide, just ask for shipping.


The Silicium Guide of Ancient Computers is available !

After two years of work, the silicium Guide for micro-computers 1973-1993 is available. It is written in franch but very understandable, with more than 350 pictures, 200 detailled machines technical overviews and a lot more ! Shipping can be done worldwide, just ask. Check link for more details (in french)


Silicium is now running a forum. You can freely usse it. The forum has two parts. A General one wich includes an english forum. You can post there, ask for a translation of the rest of the forum. The technical forum, still in french, talks about various subjects.

Many evolutions will be released in the future, like english or spanish forums.

Discover MySilicium !

Check here for older news

Who are we?

Silicium is a French non-profit organization, in Toulouse, France. We have almost 20 members and over one hundred supporters. We collect old computers and repair them. We regularly organize exhibitions. Our museum was founded in 1989. We were inspired by locating several old machines in the trash, such as Apple III and HP 87. These findings made us dream and we subsequently decided to give life to these forgotten classics. It is a difficult process however, for there are no manuals and no software to guide us. As a result, another quest, that of locating documentation, was also begun. This Website is here to aid both you and ourselves, in the exchange of information.

Related topics

Silicium site has pages about old computers. It is mostly in french. The catalog can be easily understandable for everyone (pictures, numbers... You don’t even need to know reading). Here's a little explaination of all those sections :

The catalog

Let’s rediscover the computers that nobody will ever remake. Systems are grouped in order to make navigation easy. Come on in and discover our entire collection. With pictures and specifications, easy understandable.

The schedule of events

In french, definitly. For those who hang around Toulouse. You can come and visit us.

Our best games

In french (now's a good time to learn french). Our editors are reviewing the best games from the Great Time. We play back an old game that made us trip hard.

Our favorite Links

Some links. And very international. Webmasters can contact us to be in our list.

Trading post

We’ve got some extra stuff. You too ? nice. Our list will tell you what we’ve got and what we’re looking for.


Books, software we've got.

El Politburo

The Politburo of the Silicium : we are beautiful and serious.

The trashcan of the unknown

This section will present you some weird machines. Prototypes, never release gems. Check out for new things regularly.

Tansoft Td 1000
A son of Oric the first ? This cousin is an obscure  computer used for on-line banking services in UK.

To search in the bottom of the trashcan

New Machines

All new machines are filed (in french but easily understable with pics & specs). Below are the most recent :

March 2008 : Panasonic A1-WSX
MSX2+ champion from Panasonic. Definitive high level, a little time before Turbo-R arrival.
March 2008 : Sanyo Wavy 70
This Wavy is the high end in Sanyo MSX range. This practical model is an MSX 2+ and has deux floppies well positionned on top, facing user.


January 2008 : Seiko S-500
Desktop calculators were big back in early 70's.
Seiko made a nice one.


January 2008 : HP 21
This little calc is no programmable but it has some nice features back in 1975. It has the hp touch which is a good reason to have it here.



Check all ancient donations

Become a donor

We need you ! You have an old machine in your garage ? You where an actor in micro-computing ? Like hundred of supporters of our non-profit organization, support us !

A list of our  universal supporters 


To contact us :

Postal adress
Silicium , 72 route de Seilh
31700 Cornebarrieu FRANCE
General informations :
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